Diversified Applications

Our products play an active part in all areas of life.

They are not only used for industrial applications but also in a wide range of other areas such as lifesaving, sports, food and beverage.

Our compact cylinder provides unlimited possibilities to customers who want to miniaturize their products and make them more portable.

Where our Products are used


Our CO2 cylinder is the critical component in inflatable life jackets, which are essential for maritime and aviation safety. Most NTG cylinders satisfy various international standards such as ISO12402-7 and UL1191 and are a life-saving product that you can rely on in emergency situations. Which items are ISO and UL certified? Please visit Certificates to find out more.

Airbag Protection Jackets

NTG CO2 cylinders are used in inflatable protection systems for motorcycle, equestrian, bike etc. Our high-quality and reliable gas cylinders are very popular in this specific field where safety comes first. There is no doubt that increasing demand in this industry is the results of building a trust with our customers by supplying high-safety products.

Fire Safety

Our CO2 and N2 cylinders are used as the power source of Cartridge-Operated Fire Extinguishers, the type of fire extinguishers that are not kept under constant pressure, for the purpose of discharging extinguishing powder. NTG cylinders for this application are made not only to meet the safety requirements of Japanese Fire Extinguisher Standards but for EN 3-7 and EN 3-8, the European Standards for portable fire extinguishers. In addition to fire extinguisher application, NTG cylinders are used as a main component of firefighting and fire-prevention equipment.


Our mini gas cylinders carry Japanese and European food grade CO2 (E290) and N2 gas. They are not only used to dispense beer but also to carbonate cocktails and other drinks. All the NTG cylinders used for beverage applications are designed with Safety Sealing Caps. For more information about NTG’s safety features, please see Quality Control.
Private labeling or shrink wrapping is available. For more information on wrapping, please contact us.

Airsoft/BB Gun

Not only CO2 cylinders but also our N2 cylinders are used as an energy source in these fields. The cylinders are used both for recreational purposes and by government groups such as the police and military who take advantage of them during their training. NTG’s consistency of gas volume in each cylinder is appreciated by our users as it is not only safer, but also consistently meets expectations. Cylinders used for these applications are also designed with Safety Sealing Caps. Inkjet printing can be applied to the cylinder body. For more information on printing, please contact us.

Beauty Care

Carbon dioxide is used as a propellant gas to spray beauty lotion and cosmetic powder. All the NTG cylinders used for this application are designed with Safety Sealing Caps. Individual private labeling or shrink wrapping with your company logo can be applied to the cylinders. For more information on wrapping, please contact us.