Mini Gas Cartr.Valves

Mini Gas Cartridges

Safety Sealing Cap

The NTG Mini Gas Cartridge is perfectly structure, and can be filled with various high-pressure
gases. If it is thrown into an incinerator, etc. by mistake and becomes overheated, the specially designed device called "Safety Sealing Cap" will be firmly activated to gradually discharge the gas
to prevent the cartridge from bursting or bouncing around (except for Flammable gases).

If the inner pressure of the Mini Gas Cartridge becomes high due to heating, etc., a micro-crack occurs on the Safety Sealing Cap (the lid portion). By discharging the gas gradually through the crack, a danger of explosions or scattering will be avoided.

Double Safety Sealing Cap

The "Double Safety Sealing Cap" is further equipped than normal version. If a hole is made on the safety sealing cap due to contacting with external objects or due a drop, the filled gas from being released at once, thus preventing accidents due to scattering, etc. This safety sealing cap may
not be used on equipment with a high flow rate.

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