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5-Litre-Partykeg IPS (Integrated Pressure System)

Besides beer dispensers for use at home, for which the cartridge is used,
German based Huber Packaging Group GmbH + Co. KG has now developed a
system, in which the CO2 cartridge is integrated in the beer keg as part of a
controlled pressure unit. The tapping of this new 5-litre-partykeg IPS
(Integrated Pressure System) is as easy as with the well known party kegs
with integrated tap, but with an additional foam restrictor.

The advantages of this system are:

» 30 days of fresh beer after the first tapping
» Constant tapping pressure delivers excellent tapping result down to the last glass
» A clean business: fully integrated, no additional equipment, no cleaning
» Eco-friendly through recycling

Further Information:

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